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And vice-versa

A criminal record or conviction, such as a DUI, will generally bar you from entering Canada unless a temporary waiver, called a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), can be obtained at the border (or consulate).

Travelers to/from Alaska who merely wish to borrow the 1750 miles of the Alaska Highway that crosses through the Yukon and British Columbia and back to the contiguous United States, are generally surprised that their conviction “back in the day” will prevent them from the 37-hour journey. This is particularly inconvenient for seasonal workers who do not wish to spend, or who can ill afford to splurge, the luxury of shipping their vehicle back to the contiguous US while flying back to the US.

With experience at the Alcan (Hwy. 2)/Beaver Creek border, as well as Poker Creek (Hwy. 5)/Little Gold Creek, Dalton Cache (Haines Hwy.)/Pleasant Camp, and Skagway (Klondike Hwy.)/Fraser (Hwy. 2), and the relevant land borders south of the Canadian border, our firm can assess the possibility in obtaining a single entry waiver for 72 hours.

To assess your eligibility for this waiver, please ask about our Alaska-to-Contiguous USA Travel Packet by reaching out to our US office at 888-827-6605.

Firm Services for Alaska-to-Contiguous USA (and vice-versa) Travelers:

  • Criminality Waivers – Point-of-Entry Packets
  • Criminality Waivers – Rush Service (10-Day)
  • Streamlined Rehabilitation (where applicable)
  • Criminal Rehabilitation (“Pardon”)