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DA Negotiation Support


YOU SELECTED THIS OPTION BECAUSE:You are charged (but so far not convicted) of an offence in the US, and need to work/negotiate with the DA to lessen the impact of your entry into Canada

A common legal strategy for those with travel needs in Canada and who have been charged (but not convicted) of an offence is to enlighten the court of the adverse impact of being convicted of various misdemeanor offences. For example, with the help of our expert testimony, a reckless driving charge may be reduced to a Careless conviction. The former will render a defendant inadmissible if convicted. A Careless conviction would not.

Careless driving, as opposed to Reckless, is not in the Canadian criminal code and therefore will not subject an applicant to inadmissibility.

The objective here is not to get a “free pass” but to obtain a legal outcome and punishment that is proportionate to the offence. A presiding judge or prosecutor, for example, may allow a defendant to accept a lesser charge upon learning that his livelihood would be adversely impacted by his inadmissibility to Canada. Professions particularly impacted could include a sales manager, business executive, a commercial pilot or other.

We offer expert witness support and depositions on a range of ongoing criminal proceedings from preliminary discussions with the DA to formal trial including DUI/DWI cases, Wet Reckless, Reckless, Public Intoxication, Assault, Theft and Drug Possession charges; all with the objective of either securing entry into Canada or lessening the period of inadmissibility.