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TRP Renewals


YOU SELECTED THIS OPTION BECAUSE:You need to extend or apply for another TRP.

Contrary to common belief, a TRP cannot be extended unless filed from within Canada, and then only for as long as the applicant remains in Canada during the adjudication period of the application. If the applicant leaves Canada while his TRP extension is in play, he will have considered to have abandoned or withdrawn his application.

As In-Canada TRP extensions can take 4 to 6 months to process, the vast majority of extensions are done by temporary foreign workers and international students who have no imminent plans to leave Canada.

Applicants who received a TRP at the border or consulate, such as a land/airport entry or via the Canadian Consulate General of Los Angeles, must file for a new TRP. We refer these simply as a New TRP or TRP renewals.

While a CBSA officer may have approved your initial TRP at the border, there’s no guarantee that he will honor a second request at a land entry or airport. In fact, there’s a big chance that CBSA will want to “hear your story” on why you didn’t immediately file your new TRP at the consulate.

If you have been issued a TRP and are requesting a new one at any point-of-entry, we strongly suggest contacting our office to gauge the likelihood of getting another approval. If necessary, we can assist you in outlining credible reasons for not filing your application in advance via the consulate. In the process of making our decision to seek a second (or third or more) waiver at the border, if time permits, we may order your notations under the Access To Information Act (the Canadian equivalent of the Freedom Of Information Act in the US). These notations may give us clues about your prospects for a “redo” at the POE.

Moreover, obtaining a new TRP via the consulate is not a given either. As in the first waiver, the onus is on the applicant to prove that circumstances for issuing the first one remain and that reasons for entry into Canada are just as compelling or urgent as the prior application.

Whether using the In-Canada process in Vegreville, Alberta or wishing to file a new TRP via a point-of-entry or consulate, we urge applicants to check with their practitioner to validate the odds of a successful outcome in light of similar or changing circumstances.

Unlike your credit history, which improves when you pay your loan in full, a second or subsequent TRP is far from guaranteed on the count you received a position decision on a prior application.