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Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)


Canadian “Waiver”

YOU SELECTED THIS OPTION BECAUSE:You have a criminal record, and you have urgent travel needs into Canada. (Waiver)


A temporary resident permit (TRP) is essentially a special permission or “waiver” to enter Canada as a visitor, business visitor, student or foreign worker, despite being inadmissible on criminal or medical grounds. (The vast majority of waivers are issued under criminality.)


So what does a TRP look like anyway?

Click here for a sample Single-Entry TRP.

Click here for a sample Multiple-Entry TRP.


A TRP is generally awarded to applicants who have a compelling or urgent need to be in Canada – such as an important business meeting or family event – and are either not eligible for Criminal Rehabilitation, or have a pending rehabilitation application at the consulate or simply have no time to prepare an application due to urgent travel needs.

The valid duration of a TRP will vary depending on the particular circumstances of the individual. It may range from a 24-hour pass to a 24-month permit. A TRP may allow for a single- to multiple-entry pass during the validity of the permit. In some cases, our Firm will press for back-to-back permits for multiple visits covering an extended period of time of up to 3 years.

If you wish to file a TRP, but want to confirm if you are eligible or likely to be granted this special pass, we offer a private consultation to discuss the merits of your particular case. At the admissibility consultation, we’ll review your circumstances and reasons to be in Canada, discuss your background and issue a recommendation moving forward.

If a travel need is truly pressing, we would, upon the approval of our practitioner, request a waiver directly at the border or airport.

A TRP point-of-entry application allows for immediate entry if approved. This approach, however, carries a degree of anxiety since your entry is uncertain when you present yourself to the immigration officer. There’s no guarantee the officer will grant your request or even entertain a TRP. If no return flights are available, the officer may confiscate your passport, instruct you to lodge at a nearby hotel for the night, and order you to return on the next available flight in the following morning. In some circumstances, although rare, you may be detained at the point of entry. (If our firm suspects that there’s a reasonable chance of being detained, we will NOT support a point-of-entry and insist that you apply via the consulate.)

For these reasons, our firm will insist on a detailed prior consultation to determine if you fit within the parameters of a streamlined waiver at the border.

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