In a move to mark our renewed international reach, with a fully-staffed office in Canada and the United States, Marc Laforce, CCIC is now “Global Crossing Immigration.”

With the addition of being able to serve individuals and employees in both the United States and Canada (including Quebec immigration services), Global Crossing Immigration will be one of a handful of immigration boutiques that can service the North American continent under a single roof. This includes waivers in Canada and the US for travelers with a criminal record, as well as visas and permits in their respective countries.

As we transition to the new company name, invoices and/or credit card statements and receipts that were previously under “Ulysses Immigration” or “Marc Laforce, CCIC” will now state “Global Crossing Immigration.”

In an effort to serve clients better, Global Crossing Immigration has announced the opening of a new office in Canada. The office will be headed by RCIC member, Marc Laforce, a Montreal native with over 20 years of management consulting experience spanning the globe.

“With a team of 6 full-time employees in the US and Canada”, RCIS member Marc Laforce has been declared the General Manager – “We’re one in perhaps a handful of immigration boutique firms that can serve the most discerning client of all – the corporate customer with multinational needs.”

With Montreal now fully operational, Global Crossing Immigration can provide US, Canadian and even Quebec-based immigration services to/from the United States and Canada.

One of our most successful practice areas consists of admission to Canada and the US in cases in which the applicant has a crime of moral turpitude record, drug offences, or various other “inadmissible” offences that can bar Canadians from entering the United States.   (Conversely, our firm can also assist US citizens with a misdemeanor record, such as a DUI/DWI, enter “up-North”.)

Global Crossing Immigration is dedicated to representing individuals, employers and employees in their immigration, permits and citizenship needs across the US and Canada (and including Quebec-based CAQs and CSQs). If you have a visa need, or an urgent need to enter the US or Canada on a waiver (temporary resident permit), give us a call at 514-461-1399.


I am really happy to see the much awaited approval notice for the [Canadian] Permanent Resident application.

Thank you for guiding me and my family through this difficult process; we could not have done this without your professional guidance and help. We sincerely appreciate all the effort from you and your associates.

Thank you very much for the good news. I must say your expertise in handling the immigration application returned us the positive result.

I am really very fortunate to get you as my immigration consultant. Myself and my family is very thankful for your help and guidance with our immigration application. Your office helped me throughout the immigration process . . . and I want to thank everyone.

Sorry, I know it is late on your end, but I just wanted to let you know that [my fiancé] is here with me at home now.   She went thro***ugh the CBSA [Canadian Border Services Agency] in less than 30 minutes . . . You were right!

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for putting together the paperwork and walking me through the steps I needed to take to enter into Canada.

. . . I really appreciate it and we couldn’t be more happy!

Let me start with thanks so much!!! . . . The attention to detail and personalized packet. . . well exceeded my expectations, as the Canada Border Services Agency was very impressed as well.

I will be recommending your firm . . . Once again thanks again for the fast prompt professional service. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!

Thank you for your efforts to help me gain entry at Toronto International Airport. The process was thorough. . . but the border agent was fantastic. He reviewed your paperwork and that was it, I was into Canada.

Thanks again for your efforts.

We landed today in the morning. No issues, no questions, they read the letter and in less than an hour we were driving to Toronto.

Thank you so much for your advice and . . . professional work.

Thank you very much . . . for all your help J You are amazing and real quick in responding back for all of my questions.