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Citizenship – Immigration Photos

Do you have a need, or an urgent need, for a CIC-compliant JPEG photo that meets our specifications for your online or paper application to Canada?

Send a photo in any format and our partners in Dallas will crop the photos to meet strict CIC specifications. There is no need for an in-person visit. In most cases, you can send a photo from your I-phone and have Bombay do the rest for you. (It is best, however, that you use a studio like CVS, Walmart or Walgreens and then send the photo to Bombay for cropping.)

Please note that Bombay is an independent vendor and as such you will need to work directly with the company for payment.

Bombay may be reached at:
1825 W Walnut Hill Ln Suite 120 Irving, TX 75038
800.681.7921 – 214-557-1218