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Super Visa

Sponsoring a Parent or Grandparent on a 10 Year Visa

While a number of Canadians or permanent residents in Canada wish to permanently sponsor a parent or grandparent, the opportunity to do so may be limited due to strict cap criteria. Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) have imposed a strict cap limit of 5000 applications per year; generally commencing on May 1.

For others, the parent or grandparent may not wish to permanently settle in Canada in the first place. It goes without saying that most grandparents and parents are perfectly content in residing in their home country.

Most parents and grandparents, however, do want the ability to visit their children at any time but without the constant hassle of filing a visa every 2 to 5 years.

For parents and grandparents who have Canadian or permanent resident children, the solution is in the “Super Visa” class.

So what is the Super Visa? For one, the Super Visa is not a dedicated visa for Superman. It is an enhanced Temporary Resident Visa for parents and grandparents of a Canadian or permanent resident, who wish to stay in Canada for extended stays of up to 2 years in a 10-year period. For comparison sake, a regular TRV is valid for up to 6 months per year in a 5-year period.

The criteria to obtaining a Super Visa, however, are quite rigorous and include financial disposition, medical insurance and health, ties in the home country, and credibility on the part of the sponsor and applicant. There’s also a good chance in having to attend an interview before the visa post.

If you are thinking about sponsoring a parent or grandparent in their application for a Super Visa, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our practitioner to determine eligibility and probability of a successful outcome based your circumstances.

Firm Deliverables for Super Visa (TRV) sponsorships include the following:

  • Discussion regarding the Sponsor’s eligibility to sponsor
  • Discussion regarding the Applicant’s eligibility to be sponsored
  • Preparation of all forms
  • Assembly of relevant and pertinent supporting documentation
  • Assistance with medical insurance and medical review (medical admissibility)
  • Preparation of affidavits
  • Interview preparation
  • Post visa issuance assistance