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Corporate Immigration

Business Visitor After-Sales

YOU SELECTED THIS OPTION BECAUSE:You need a robust point-of-entry packet for an After-Sales activity for a smooth entry experience at the border.


While entering Canada for a business meeting may be relatively straight forward (subject to a proper invitation letter from the Canadian host company and no criminal record), obtaining entry as a Business Visitor when performing an “After-Sales” mission is not easy.

US and Mexican nationals entering Canada to perform “After-Sales” such as installation/supervision work, warranty/repair, maintenance and training, are eligible to enter as Business Visitors provided they have detailed paperwork and otherwise qualify for an exemption under NAFTA. While the above duties may qualify as work permit exempt under the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the onus is always on the traveler and the company sending the employee to prove it.

Too many employers send their employees “to the wolves” without proper documentation at the border. Do not assume that a simple invitation letter (which is more appropriate to use to support a business meeting) will suffice to be allowed in a business visitor under the After-Sales category.

Employees in most trade businesses (carpenters, electricians, pipefitters, roofers, welders, etc.) generally do NOT qualify as a business visitor unless performing some very narrow work in Canada. If you have an employee who fits this description, we would urge you to consult our office to discuss entry into Canada.

Whether you’re an employer or a frequent business traveler, do not risk your mission in Canada due to poor or no paperwork supporting your temporary stay.

For information about our Point-of-Entry After-Sales Packets, contact our Dallas Head Office at 214-295-6051 for a free consultation.

POE After-Sales Packets include the following:

  • Cover letter stating the purpose of entry on firm stationary
  • Assembly of relevant supporting documentation and supporting cover letter
  • Write-up of employer or host invitation letter
  • Review and preparation of relevant After-Sales supporting documentation such as a Purchase Order (PO), Bill of Sale, MSA, Master Agreement, Contract
  • Binder with appropriate tabs and table of contents to enhance credibility
  • Interview preparation to all employees prior to a trip
  • Hotline number and access to the practitioner’s cell number for issues at the border