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Ontario Skilled Worker

YOU SELECTED THIS OPTION BECAUSE:You wish to immigrate to Ontario, Canada under the Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream.


Ontario is the largest province of Canada with a population of 13 ½ million people. About 40 percent of the Canadian population lives in Ontario. The largest city of Canada, and capital of Ontario, is Toronto with a population of 5.8 million (including Mississauga and Brampton). Toronto is home to the famous CN Tower, Bay Street and the country’s only major league baseball team (Toronto Blue Jays). Ontario also includes the nation’s capital of Ottawa with a population of about 800,000 people.

As the Quebec and Federal Skilled Worker programs scooped-up a disproportionate of highly skilled workers to Canada, Ontario finally got into the game of attracting world talent with its own skilled worker program. Launching the “Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream” (OHCPS) in July 2015, the program is an outright copy of the Federal Skilled Worker Program, borrowing the same 67-point system for allotting immigration points on the basis of age, language proficiency (English or French), international experience, academic background, adaptability and settlement funds.

The only key between FSWP and OHCPS, is the requirement to have a real intent to settle in the province. While applicants are constitutionally able to move around the country upon landing (Article 6 of the Charter of Rights and Freedom), Ontario officers will want to make sure you have genuine immigrant intent to Ontario prior to landing. Our firm will generally put together a settlement plan to satisfy this requirement.

The most important advantage of OHCPS versus the FSWP or other federal programs is that the program is not subject to monthly “draws”. If applying under the Express Entry pool, and you meet the “magic” Comprehensive Ranking Score”, your invitation to Ontario is immediate. Moreover, the required CRS score to receiving a precious invitation for permanent residency is lower than the federal threshold of about 450 CRS points. OHCPS invite applicants with a CRS score of just over 400 points; but only in certain occupations.

For more information about this exciting new program, we invite you to reach out to our office to discuss how your profile matches up with the capital priorities stream of Ontario.

Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream (OHCPS) Assessment – Consultation

While the Ontario skilled worker program mirrors the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) in point criteria and settlement funds, there are important differences including settlement intent, occupational profile and the volume and frequency of issuing invitations; always via Express Entry. At Global Crossing, we ensure that a thorough initial consultation is made prior to accepting clients under the Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream.

For an evaluation of eligibility to the OHCPS class, please schedule a consultation to assess your eligibility for this program. Our consultation will include a point report in PDF document form, on our firm stationary signed by the leading practitioner.

Our consultation also includes a detailed discussion about your immigrant and non-immigrant options (and not just about the OHCPS), including a review of the overall process, time-frame, cost, filing strategy, probability of success based on your work experience and profile and answers to your important questions.
The session will last about an hour and will conclude with a written summary, a point assessment and a recommended plan of action.

To schedule an OHCPS consultation contact one of our offices or send an e-inquiry.

Our OHCPS Deliverables

As with any immigrant stream, program eligibility is only one of many aspects of preparing an Ontario skilled worker application under the Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream. More important than assessing OHCPS points is the assembly of relevant supporting documents, preparation of accurate government forms, and, most important of all, compliant employer verification letters and proof of immigrant intent in the province of Ontario. In other words, it is one thing to reach the “points”; but presentation of credible documents backing up your application is another important component.

The Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade (MCIIT), which has shared jurisdiction over the selection of its immigrants along with the federal government, is particularly severe when it comes to immigrant intent.

Another key aspect of the Ontario program is that it is a two-stage process. While Ontario may nominate an immigrant, criminality, medical admissibility and visa issuance are the exclusive domain of the federal branch. A good practitioner must be willing and able to represent the client through both stages of the process in a transparent and seamless manner.

The table below shows our typical deliverables for the preparation, filing and representation of an Ontario Skilled Worker application. Firm deliverables for an Express Entry Assessment include the following:

  • Points Assessment (written submission handed to the client)
  • Pointers about how to improve your score or rank
  • Review of required settlement funds (financial self-sufficiency test)
  • Rate probability of a successful outcome prior to moving forward with an application
  • Prepare all government forms (Ontario and Federal)
  • Provide a checklist of needed items with detailed advice and instructions
  • Assembly of relevant supporting documentation
  • Resume/CV editorial as required
  • Offer suggestions to add or improve case
  • Assist as required with the drafting/editing of employer letters
  • Preparation of a settlement plan
  • Prepare admissibility and medical forms for the federal stage (Stage 2)
  • Representation to CIC on client’s behalf
  • Interview preparation (if necessary)
  • Full access to firm practitioner throughout the adjudication process