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Corporate Immigration

Permanent Residency

YOU SELECTED THIS OPTION BECAUSE:You would like to sponsor an employee for an immigrant visa for permanent residence in Canada.

A company may choose to sponsor a foreign worker’s permanent residency to Canada.

An LMIA-based work permit can only be extended for a cumulative total of 4 years. If the thought of losing your employee within that time-frame worries you, permanent residency is the right play.

With permanent residency, the company no longer needs to file an LMIA application and the foreign worker will never have to worry about his immigrant status again. (The flip side to this is that the foreign worker is free to work for any company in Canada once he attains PR.)

Our firm has experience with both temporary work permits as well as arranged employment via permanent resisdency.

The application process for permanent residency is rigorous and heavily scrutinized by the department of labour (ESDC). It is important that a compamy retain an experienced immigration practitioner when permanently sponsoring a foreign worker.

Firm deliverables for permanent sponsorships:

  • Represent the employer before ESDC
  • Prepare a compliant long term job offer letter or contract to the employee
  • Prepare and submit all government forms on the employer’s behalf (CIC)
  • Prepare, file and represent employee’s Federal Skilled Worker application
  • Interview preparation with the employer or hiring manager before a government agency
  • Interview preparation with the employee to evaluate criminal inadmissibility
  • Preparation of a point-of-entry packet in case it is needed at “secondary”