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Corporate Immigration

Business Visitor Meetings

YOU SELECTED THIS OPTION BECAUSE:You need a good invitation letter for our employees traveling to Canada.

US Citizens & Other Visa-Exempt Nationals (UK/EU Schengen, Japan/Korea/Aus/NZ)

In these recessionary times, immigration agents (Canada Border Service Agency) at the Canadian point-of-entry are particularly severe when it comes to processing “business visitors.” Applicants who enter Canada on a regular basis, or for important business reasons, are strongly encouraged to have detailed paperwork ready to present at the border.

Most of the time when business travelers are denied entry, aside from criminal inadmissibility reasons, it’s because of poor documentation, leading a border officer to believe their entry probably requires a work permit. (If you have a criminal record, consult our admissibility section.)

Whether you’re an employer or a frequent business traveler, do not risk your mission in Canada due to poor or no paperwork supporting your temporary stay. This is particularly true if an employee has multiple entries in Canada over the course of a year. As such, the following missions invite particular “harsh” scrutiny at the border:

Business Missions that will invite extra scrutiny at the point-of-entry:
  • Any stay lasting more than 30 calendar days
  • Multiple visitor entries within a year (threshold appears to be >4 in the last 12 months)
  • Any entry problem that occurred in the past (even if many years ago)
  • Information Technology (IT) professionals entering Canada
  • Construction professions entering Canada
  • A traveler with no letter of invitation from the Canadian host
  • A traveler bringing-in tools (even if very specialized for a narrow purpose)
  • Any entry where an applicant has no paperwork supporting his mission in Canada

For information about our Point-of-Entry Business Visitor Packets, contact our Dallas Head Office at 214-295-6051.

Request a free consultation or visit our corporate space for information about our point-of-entry business visitor packets.

POE Business Visitor Packets include the following:

  • Cover letter stating the purpose of entry on firm stationary
  • Assembly of relevant supporting documentation and supporting cover letter
  • Write-up of employer or host invitation letter
  • Review and preparation of relevant After-Sales supporting documentation such as a Purchase Order (PO), Bill of Sale, MSA, Master Agreement, Contract
  • Binder with appropriate tabs and table of contents to enhance credibility
  • Interview preparation to all employees prior to a trip
  • Hotline number and access to the practitioner’s cell number for issues at the border