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A criminal record or conviction, such as a DUI, will generally bar you from entering Canada unless a temporary waiver, called a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), can be obtained at the border (or consulate).

Don’t let your vacation be ruined because of a criminal record! Each year, thousands of tourists get turned away at the border or airport due to a DUI/DWI or drug offence “from back in the college days” or the distant past. If you have a misdemeanor or felony conviction, chances are you will not be allowed to enter Canada.

Many tourists merely transiting through Canada on a connecting flight, such as through Vancouver International Airport (YVR) on to China, don’t realize that admissibility applies to them as well (even if not clearing customs in Canada).

While entry is sometimes possible if you have a criminal record (particularly if more than ten years have elapsed since completing your sentence), many conditions apply to the “10-Year Rule” including but not limited to the severity of the offence, the number of offences on the record, the length of probation and the time spent in jail.

Regardless of whether a traveler is admissible or not, the onus is on you to prove that ten years have passed since you fully completed your sentence. It is up to you to show conclusive paperwork supporting your admissibility to Canada. For travelers with a single offence that has been closed for over ten years, ask about our Point-of-Entry Packets for Deemed Rehabilitated visitors.

As tourists are generally not eligible for a special “waiver” or temporary resident permit (TRP), our firm’s assessment of your eligibility to enter the country without being turned-away is essential for both peace of mind as well as the pocket book.

If you or an accompanying family member has a criminal record, contact our firm to determine if you are likely to be allowed to enter Canada or transit through to your final destination via Canada.

For information about our admissibility packets for visitors, contact us at 888-827-6605 to schedule an appointment.