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Weddings & Funerals


…And, other Important Family Events

Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Engagements, Religious Events and other Important and Essential Family Occasions

A criminal record or conviction, such as a DUI, will generally bar you from entering Canada unless a temporary waiver, called a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), can be obtained at the border (or consulate).

  • You are the proud father of the bride and you just realized that your drug possession charges from years ago are going to prevent you from traveling to Canada for your daughter’s wedding.
  • Your grandfather just passed away and now you’re wondering if your Reckless Driving is going to prevent you from attending his funeral.
  • Your brother has invited you to his son’s Bar Mitzvah, but you have a couple of misdemeanor offences from back in the day.

Can you enter Canada in either of the above circumstances?

While Canada is generally understanding when there’s an important and rare family event or emergency, such as a wedding or funeral, the onus is always on the applicant to provide the relevant information to a border agent when requesting a TRP.

An important family event such as a funeral in no way guarantees your entry. The officer at the border will have to consider a number of factors before issuing a TRP. Did the traveler attempt to “crap-shoot” his entry into Canada in the hope of avoiding a random inspection? Is the degree of the offence and passage of time warrant a TRP? Is this event really important to the applicant?

If you have a CAN’T MISS event, we urge you not to chance your luck at the border but to subscribe to our professionally prepared single-entry Weddings & Funderals and Other Important Family Events packets.

Our office has been securing single-entry waivers and TRPs since 2008. On average, we send one client a week at a given point-of-entry on grounds of a family emergency or important family event. We therefore have practical knowledge on the risk factors that officers use when evaluating a TRP.

In a consultation, we can assess if your personal circumstances merit a TRP. In many cases, unfortunately, we will recommend that you not take a chance at the border. In most occasions, we’re prepared to send you to Canada with a robust point-of-entry packet. As each situation is case-specific, a one-to-one consultation with the practitioner is the best way to determine your odds of success in obtaining a TRP.

For more information about our Weddings & Funerals and Other Important Family Events packets, contact us at 888-827-6605 to schedule an appointment.